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The Yonkers Bulls was created to provide the children of Yonkers with the opportunity to learn and play the game of basketball in a competitive and fun manner. The Yonkers Bulls focus is to train student-athletes on the fundamentals of basketball and expand on their game as they grow with the team and program. We are dedicated to giving the children of Yonkers every opportunity possible to expand on their love for basketball and basketball skills to places all across the United States. No longer will children from Yonkers have to travel outside of this City to receive such an opportunity. The Yonkers Bulls accept children of all skill levels in basketball, we only ask that each and every child, respect and love the game of basketball, be responsible and respectable human beings, be coachable, and work hard and study in school. Every child in our program will get an opportunity to travel and play the game of basketball in a fun and competitive setting. Our mission is that once these children have grown through the program, they have a vast number of educational and athletic opportunities at their disposal, just as important they are respectable and admirable human beings.



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